March 2013

We find a crossbow that give +1 to hit and damage and adjusts to the size of the wearer, we also found a magic ring of unclear benefit, a cloak of resistance (given to Red, adding a +1 to saves). One dude also has a necklace with an “angry looking” holy symbol-oh shit! It’s a spider with a mouth. We pocket it. We decide to tie him up, and sleep in watches-getting back spells + 4HP. We wake in the AM, and dopple-dude is trying to escape by rapidly turning into many forms. He is a crazy dick, won’t answer questions but mentions that a multidimensional universe which includes our own is coming to an end. We kill him. We decide to go find Cattery and the others. They inform us that the crazy dank spider god is called Rovagog-a god of destruction-an illegal cult-based fuck-crazed religion. We decide to return to the castle with Catterly, who offers to resume his role and help us figure this shit out!!! Catterly and all of the villagers are mad-naked, the guard seems perturbed by this, but lets us pass with Cattery. The villagers are waiting outside somewhere. We review events, and discuss that the tournament was planned, but the doppelgangers who are likely affiliated with Rovagog were kidnapping folks from the hospital and replacing them with doppelgangers. Catterly advises us to leave the city, as we are mad targets now. He will send us off with 1k gold, and a fully loaded Wa-gon! (3 weeks o’ shit + dwarven hooch!!) We heard that there are wyverns about 7 days north. Cattery tells us the roads heading north could be dangerous!!!

February 2013

02/23/2013 (more comprehensive notes begin, taken by SRL a.k.a. Sigrid Strongcrotch)
Level up!
Adventurers start in the hallway of the castle, after leaving illusion room where we fought 2 auras who shot fireballs at us. We are investigating the castle. We decide to investigate room where auras are, we find 4 gold. Then we proceed to room on the right, there is an older warrior man in there named Gerald. Red creates fabulous ruse regarding a royal ball. We explore next room to the right, meet another dude who attacks us in response to our unfortunately blatant attempt at deception. He has weapons and a crystal ball with an alarm spell, he sets off alarm and we kill the shit out of him and discover he is a doppelganger! We loot the room leaving time for Gerald and 5 others to react to alarm. Red kills Gerald with a massive magic missile and we all set up ambush in room. Riggins discovers rapid fire and Snarky uses her beast strength to slay the dudes, loot the bodies and find weapons, armor, and loot Gerald’s room too. Then we explore the last room and break down the door finding 5 ragged courtiers who are kind of dicks, but they mention that we should check out the throne room. We proceed to said area and 3 of us fall into a spiked pit in front of the main doors. We heal and proceed to enter throne room, where there are 4 dudes who attack us. We kill 3, who turn into doppelgangers! We heal the last one to keep him for interrogating.

From the beginning...
start of n00bz

Once upon a time, there were several adventurers in a bar. They all had their own reasons for being in a particular bar on a certain night, which may or may not have been revealed. It started with an order mix-up, then they all started chatting. Two of which shall not be named, for their paths diverged after the initial encounter. Those that remained, Snarky McDickbag of New Jersey, Sigrid Strongcrotch hailing from the Black Forest, and Red who said no more, were recruited into the local task force against bandits and to investigate disappearances.

They began slowly in the surrounding area and were gradually joined by Riggins McFrancinator of Rigginsville and Ruby from the Citadel, uncovering a massive plot of doppelgangers throughout the realm. The following are their adventure notes as were discovered, as best can be deciphered:

(intermediate happenings, after the beginning and before the rest: Snarky was enlisted into a tourney to fight, was defeated and ushered secretly into an experimental back room where she was then rescued.)

(below: not dated, though happened before the dated notes)
The mayor has a doppelganger (the doppelmayor). The doppelmayor is with us, but he says he is the real mayor and the other an impostor. The mayor has a dwarf assistant Helga whose favorite food is duck bacon. The assistant is coming back to the bar with us. We are not sure whether she is aware of the doppelganger. Turns out Helga is a doppelganger!
We are keeping an eye on Abedar, the god of (?) of the New Jersey people, order at the expense of people.

Defeated doppelganger at infirmary.

-SR joins the party
-we investigate the second noour
-SR check on healer and fights with healer
-we join the fight
-guard is still chained & help(?)
-going to the basement!
-greys bust through the door
-we beat the bad guys!
-bunch of naked people tied up including Calverley, who didn’t know about doppelgangers
-Calverley and fighters stay with Fitz so we can pretend we didn’t discover plot

Adventurers, Calverley, and others leave tent to head to barracks, using sewers to remain unseen. Got lost. When emerged from sewers, guards take us into custody, brought to a holding cell. Red knocks out Fitz before he snaps out of his glamor. Sleep 1 heal up, Fitz is mad. Doppel-Calverley walks in, fight attack. go to office, find note that says “the trap closes.” Go to castle, people are suspicious. We are told to go to an office.


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